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Three of a million reasons why I fall in love with Philly everyday

1. The Philadelphians

Philadelphians are what makes Philly the source of forever awe and mesmerizing beauty.

The people here melt my heart and truly makes a foreign international student like me come to identify Philly as my home away from home.

I come to know so many beautiful souls in this city of love.

They are the people who care for me deeply.

They are the people who send me flowers when I am having a rain day.

They are the people who love you with all they have to offer.

They are the people who teach you what selfless hospitality is.

And they are the people behind my motivation to emulate their brilliance and generosity through this book club.

2. The community at Penn's Graduate School of Education

GSE is not only the world's best education school, it is one warm-hearted, close-knitted family that translate rigorous learning into real-world impact.

GSE is where I learn from the most inspirational faculty, classmates, and staff members,

where I cement my understandings of educational linguistics,

where I reach for greatness through teamwork.

I always remember the beautiful wisdom our Assistant Dean for Student Services, Ann, shares with us through her many loving emails for us, “It truly takes a village to make it through life.”

3. The Schuylkill River

Most mornings, my classmate and I pound the river trials together with laughters.

There are always wonders, surprises and inspirations waiting for us at Schuylkill.

As an intercultural communication student,

here is a treasure trove to practice the knowledge we took from the classrooms,

and get to know more incredible Philadelphians.


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