Book Club of Love 

at the University of Pennsylvania


     Book Club of Love at Penn (BCLP) is the first wellness student book club at the University of Pennsylvania.

      Through a common passion for books, students from different schools at Penn share their burgeoning ideas and build enduring friendships.

    BCLP encourages interdisciplinary collaborations and personal development.


Being an entrepreneur is fun because it brings out the best in people. It motivates us to try gravity defying tasks, to seek wisdom inside ourselves and out in the world.

Here at the University of Pennsylvania, we are situated at the most opportune juncture, where we learn and thrive along the greatest minds on Earth. Reading “Business Model Innovation Strategy :Transformational Concepts and Tools for Entrepreneurial Leaders” led me to think what is the unique business model of my startup as well as for our book club.

Professor Raphael Amit is one of Penn's most beloved and awe-inspiring faculty. (Though he kindly allows us to call him Raffi, most us still staunchly refrain from such action).

Here at the Book Club of Love at Penn (BCLP), we strive to replicate the wisdom we took from his book. We "create an environment that encourages experimentation, tolerates failure, and promotes learning" (Amit, Pg. 351).

Based on Professor Amit's "What, How, Who & Why" Framework,

the What of BCLP is to spread love through co-operation and healthy competition. This is why we celebrate each members' successes and encourage members to stand on top of each other's successes.

Here is one of the many examples of our "How" in action. Our club group chat is also a vibrant place of sharing with each other all the best resources we discovered around us. We are not threatened by others' successes and we desire to learn from each others' successes.

Our Who is the mentors and club members in our interconnected globe.

To quote professor Amit, our Why is to create "the biggest pizza" through a lifelong mentorship. We are a hub for our members to roll-out our latest innovations.

I encourage you to peruse Professor Amit's masterpiece, “Business Model Innovation Strategy :Transformational Concepts and Tools for Entrepreneurial Leaders” and to enter into a world of breakthroughs courageously.


By Xi Cao, starring Jenny Li


By Cynthia Zheng


By Yifang Xu


By Huichao Dong


by a brilliant stranger, starring Victoria Li and her friends

New Orleans

By Vicent Wang, starring Roger Zhang

By Orly Ren

New York

by Yulia Chen

By one awesome member

By Yifan Shi

By Ying Shen


By Linjun Fan


By Lillian Liu